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21 July, 2020

More About Hope

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Pandora's Box

One of my guilty pleasures is listening to "In Our Time" and whilst I was doing some ironing I happened across this whole episode about hope.  Originally in the 8th Century BCE hope was the only attribute that stayed in Pandora's Box when she took the lid off of it.The programme follows how our conception of hope has changed in the 29 centuries since then and it spends quite a while examining the medieval period.  It is entertaining and complex at the same time and worth a listen if you like to know exactly how things developed on a philosophical level.  A link to the show is here. There are also the other 899 episodes of the show at this link 


Mission Impossible

In Mission Impossible Fallout (spoiler alert) Ethan Hunt says to his new CIA companion we will just have to hope that the White Widow hasn't met hin [John Lark] to which he, Walker, replies "hope is not a strategy".  Ilsa chimes in "you're new here aren't you."


In Our Time concludes that the modern version of hope could be more like what we talk about as Vision but in order to make our vision happened we need the resources, a firm grasp of reality and the will to take action and realise our vision.

I leave it to you whether you prefer Pandora or Ethan Hunt!

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